Nowe mieszkania w wysokim standardzie w Gdańsku, Gdyni i Sopocie. Atrakcyjne ceny, rozwinięta infrastruktura, okolice pełne zielni. Wybierz sprawdzonego dewelopera.


RAI PB is a patron of young artists

We promote the art

Paintings are the media of art – every brush stroke, every color choice. Works preserved on the canvas inspire, fill with the reverie and first of all enjoy the eye. RAI appreciates the work and creativity of young painters in a unique way – distinguishing them. Thus, the company promotes contemporary, painting directions, and with them new artists.

Original paintings in our investments

Ogrody Diany estate is located in a charming part of Gdansk Osowa. The complex of 17 buildings surrounded by greenery has been designed for functionality, but not without artistic aspect.

In each of the staircase in every building, you can find original paintings or selected graphics. By supporting artists, you can enjoy the beauty of art at the same time!

Apartament details.